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People Making a Difference 

Jen Huffman

Mike Sachs

Ruehlman Family

Kevin Pfleger

Hester Family

Nancy Postle

Jillian Gibbs

Marjorie Eversole

Michelle Taft

Karen McCreary

Suzanne Schrock

Dennis Mann

Laurie Nigro

Steve Dovala

Adam Stove

Devona Flint

Larry Davis

John Marmie

Jeff Eysoldt

Dan Wiggins

Dave Schmidt

                                         New 2022 Charitable Deductions

  •  Individuals can elect to deduct cash contributions up to 100% of their 2022 adjusted gross income on itemized tax returns. This is up from previous limit of 60%

  • Corporations may deduct up to 25% of taxable income, up from previous limit of 10%


                                                              EIN Number - 85-1224308   501c3 Non Profit 

Tina Kinney
Chris Young

Ronnie Vaughn
Frank Pacetta
Valerie Stordeur
Bill Carrick
Koshy Family 
Ronnie Vaughn 
Lisa Miller
Matt Hoffman
Dylan Morton
Chelsea Miller
Judy Virzi
Sandy English
Denise Blevins
Kofi Kumi


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