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  • Anonymously and Quickly report incident without fear of retaliation.

  • Information received through our Mobile App will be relayed to a Central Administrator for the school or district and will be immediately displayed on the Report It Dashboard.

  • Add on requirements such as School Announcements, etc. are easily added.

  • After conducting focus groups and surveys with K-12 students, we found that they are more likely to use a quick, easy, and simple application on the mobile phone or tablet that is anonymous.

  • It’s about early intervention, prevention and risk mitigation vs. being reactive.

  • Algorithms and AI Artificial Intelligence that will use META data “Key Words” to provide real time analysis and decision making. Our Platform looks at areas that have lead to School Shootings and Suicides 

Our Dashboard approach has levels that can be simply configured for immediate communication and response.


Our dashboard inter-operability and enterprise communication is critical. Who needs to see what and when? 

    BLUE Level ~ Peers

  • Student lead team who will observe and engage with the student being bullied. 

  • Based on 1-3 reported occurrences

  • A soft approach without teacher or administrator involvement.

  • If the scale level average hits a set mark, it could also trigger next level action.

    ORANGE Level ~ Parent/Teacher


  • Based on exceeding 3 occurrences or scale of threat is above a programmed average.

  • Social media posts will be monitored with parents engaging with the student who is bullying and the student being bullied.  Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Etc.

  • Mental health status addressed.

  • Recent purchase of weapons of any kind.   

    RED Level ~ Authorities

  • Based on multiple, reported occurrences.

  • Authorities are aware and, if appropriate, actively involved using our GPS locator 

  • Local Police Prevention Team

  • FBI and State Authorities

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